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Pigmentation Disorders


Pigmentation Disorders

Dr. Rigor diagnoses and treats pigmentation disorders for the residents of Pasadena, CA. We also service Los Angeles, CA. Some of the most common pigmentation disorders treated by Dr. Rigor are pigmented birthmarks, macular stains, hemangiomas and port wine stains.

Do pigmented birthmarks require treatment?

Pigmented birthmarks are flat and smooth and are typically colored white, brown or blue. Treatment may be required if the birthmark bleeds, itches or changes size, shape or color.

What are macular stains?

Macular stains are light red birthmarks that are flat. Macular stains are also known as angel’s kisses and stork bites. Macular stains typically appear on the forehead, eyelids or the back of the neck. Angel’s kisses typically disappear after childhood, while stork bites remain into adulthood. Macular stains do not require treatment.

My child has a raised mark on his skin. What is it?

Hemangiomas are raised areas on the skin that are caused by tiny blood vessels that bunch together. The size of the area may be a few millimeters or several centimeters. Hemangiomas are normally found near the eyes, nose, lips and genitalia. Typically, hemangiomas disappear by age nine and sometimes as early as age five. If the condition interferes with seeing, eating or hearing, treatment may be necessary. Dr. Rigor works closely with his patients in Pasadena and Los Angeles, CA. He will work closely with you to determine the best course of treatment.

Can port wine stains be treated?

Port wine stains are caused by the abnormal growth of blood vessels, and stay on the skin for a lifetime. These marks typically appear on face, torso, arms and legs and may range in color, including pink, red, and purple. A port wine stain on the eyelid may increase your chances of developing glaucoma. Other port wine stains, though, present only cosmetic issues. Dr. Rigor uses several procedures to treat port wine stains, including lasers, dermabrasion and sclerotherapy.

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