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Are acne blemishes marring your skin? Rigor Dermatology & Laser Center provides acne treatments for Pasadena, CA and patients in the greater Los Angeles area. Though associated with adolescence, adults can also suffer from mild to severe acne, and blemishes such as whiteheads, blackheads, and cysts. The embarrassment that acne can bring can be detrimental to your confidence and self-image. The severity of your case will dictate the type of treatment used.

Dr. Rigor provides a personalized consultation and treatment plan ranging from at-home medications to in-office procedures such as laser treatments or an acne peel.

Acne treatment takes time, with at-home treatments taking from four to eight weeks before skin clears. Other treatments, such as acne peels and laser treatments, may require a minimum of two weeks before full results are achieved. If you are patient, you will be able to eliminate the pockmarks and pustules and get clear, healthy skin.

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