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Hair and Nail Disorders


Hair and Nail Disorders

Dr. Rigor diagnoses and treats several hair and nail disorders for the residents of Pasadena, CA. We also service Los Angeles, CA. Hair disorders include male pattern baldness, thinning hair and excessive, unwanted hair. Nail disorders include ridges, yellowing, nail fungus, misshapen nails and pitting. Nail disorders affect the fingernails and toenails.

What treatments are available for hair disorders at Rigor Dermatology & Laser Center?

Dr. Rigor has helped many patients in Pasadena and Los Angeles, CA who either have too much hair or not enough hair. For his patients with excessive hair, Dr. Rigor often recommends laser hair removal, including the CoolGlide and ProWave laser systems. These laser treatments offer long-lasting results with little to no discomfort.

Thinning hair and baldness affect men and women. Dr. Rigor evaluates the causes of your thinning hair and recommends treatment options that will restore your hair to a healthy fullness. Treatments may include prescription medications, hair transplantation, scalp reduction or scalp flaps.

How does Dr. Rigor treat nail disorders?

Nail disorders are often caused by viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Patients with these conditions have nails with abnormal growth, yellowing and ridges. Treatments may include removing the nail, topical antibiotics and laser treatments, including the GenesisPlus system. GenesisPlus is a specialized laser system that is designed to treat toenail fungus.

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